We are proud owners of some amazing fitness studios in Sydney. We’ve seen so many people’s lives change, and this inspired us to do more to help our members.


We spoke to hundreds of our customers and most of them flagged the same problem: “I struggled to eat right”, “I struggled to stick to a Challenge meal plan”, or “I didn’t have the time to make the meals, so I quit the Challenge”. 


Regardless of the type of meal plan or challenge they entered, the part that most people unanimously struggled with was allocating time to prep their meals!

After conducting research, we found out that our members were spending on average over 5 hours a week shopping and prepping for the week ahead.


For some, this was in addition to all the separate meals they had to cook for their partners or kids. We knew we had to do something!


In 2017 we set out to establish a trustworthy and reliable service where people could order meals for any challenge they were participating in and have it delivered straight to their door.


The feedback was instant. People loved it, they saved time, and importantly they didn’t have to think about all the tricky components of putting together a health-conscious meal.


Gone were the days where they had to find hard-to-get ingredients in small portions! Because of GymEat’s conscious and convenient meals they were able to focus on training and spend the valuable time saved with their loved ones.

We’re not just a meal prep company out to sell you a product we have in bulk stock. We specifically work with your fitness providers, who are the experts in this field, and give you a way to get your meal plan catered in a professional kitchen at a reasonable cost.


Our success speaks for itself. Our company is growing, and we want to see thousands of Australians achieve an amazing result like so many others have.


So, don’t quit, and don’t let your meals set you back from your goals. We’re able to cater for you along the guidelines of your unique Challenge. Our weekly deliveries will pave your path to victory!

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