Your Challenge.

Your Meals.



F45 8 Week Challenge "Cook At Home" Meals prepared fresh and delivered to your home.
sing premium ingredients just like you would if you did it yourself.


  • No artificial preservatives

  • No flavour enhancers

  • No additives

"If the recipe says Barramundi, we will give you Barramundi" 


Why Choose GymEats?

We cater for your 8 Week Challenge Meals as per the “Cook at Home” recipes and rarely change ingredients.

We don’t use any processed meat, additives, flavour enhancers or add any preservatives, only the exact ingredients on the recipe are used. 


The meals are cooked fresh by our Chefs who have over 20 years of experience, then professionally sealed, packed using Woolcool technology to ensure freshness from the time it leaves our kitchen and delivered by the industry’s leading refrigerated meal service delivery partner BeCool Couriers.


We currently serve the Sydney Metro area and will be expanding to more places in the coming months. Our current order cut off time is  9pm Tuesday night. We give you an extra day than most other meals service providers just in case you forget because you’re training so hard. 😉